The Greatest Gift (Video)

A shared ambition for change, transformation and social justice was the catalyst for IAFOR and the HOPE International Development Agency to document the lives and stories of the Indigenous Peoples (IP) of the Philippines and their struggle to achieve equity in education.

The Greatest Gift was made as part of a fundraising effort to create scholarships for the Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples Education in Davao, Philippines. The documentary follows the story of Hance Pugales, a first-year student at the Pamulaan Center, revealing the ambitions and challenges of the IP youth.

A full-length documentary film that provides deeper insight into the lives of the IP and the work of the Pamulaan Center is currently in production.

Director/Editor: Shawn Mahler
Director of Photography: Thaddeus Pope
Executive Producer: Joseph Haldane
Sound Technician: George Van Horn

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